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Our on-line registration for Spanish Enrichment Program is now open. For any assistance or questions regarding the classes, please contact Suzanne Viera; (770) 315-9039, sdmv2000@hotmail.com or Araceli Garza; (770) 827-0223, aragarza1@gmail.com


Spanish Now ASP is an after-school Spanish language enrichment program for pre-school and elementary school children. Our experienced language teachers provide a fun, productive learning environment in which students are given the opportunity to develop basic language and beginning conversation skills in Spanish. The goal is to help children gain an enthusiasm and appreciation for learning Spanish as a second language.

Spanish Now ASP LLC operates in schools throughout Cobb County, Georgia. 


Our program
Our program incorporates a variety of games, role play, writing, reading and music into our daily curriculum in order to generate and maintain the interest of each child.  We use a positive reinforcement classroom management style to build self-esteem and maximize student participation and productivity. Class size is limited to an appropriate student-teacher ratio geared toward a positive and effective interaction between the teacher and students, and optimal classroom management.  Student placement is based on grade level, ability and prior Spanish language experience. We assign each participating elementary school a single point of contact at Spanish Now ASP.  Student sign in and pick up are coordinated in accordance with each school’s policies and regulations.  Full tuition is required at the time of registration.



All teachers have experience teaching Spanish and working with children
Spanish Now ASP LLC is fully licensed and insured.
All staff working for Spanish Now ASP LLC, has background checks.



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